Depth Reporting

Access to overdose drug slow, but growing: An investigation of access to naloxone, an overdose reversal drug.

Off-grid solar on the Navajo Nation: A 5-minute film and in-depth story about the installation of off-grid solar panels on the Navajo Nation, where about one in three homes don’t have grid power.

The Price of Addiction: An investigation of the cost of treatment for recovering opioid addicts in Arizona.  Published as part of the HookedRx project.

Voting restrictions create obstacles for Native Americans: Investigation by a team of four News21 fellows. Focused on challenges that can make it more difficult for Native Americans on some reservations to vote, including distance to polls and limits on the forms of identification accepted in some states. Reported in Phoenix, Arizona and from three reservations in South Dakota. Published by the Arizona Republic.

Latinos: Will the ‘sleeping giant’ wake and vote this November?: An investigative piece by a team of five News21 fellows focused on Latino voters throughout the U.S., including a data analysis of trends in Latino voter turnout from 2000 to 2012 and reporting in Arizona. Reported from Phoenix, Arizona and two towns along the U.S.-Mexico border.  Published by NBC Latino.

Integration is difficult for the few refugees granted asylum: An in-depth story I reported in Budapest and Bicske, Hungary in March 2016.

Native American tribes, Grijalva lead move to conserve Gila River land: A piece about a proposed national monument along the Gila River in southern Arizona.  Published by the Arizona Republic.